Digital Marketing Career Scope for Students

Are you querying the Digital Marketing Career Scope in India?  Looks like, and then reading this blog will be a great head start by Online Earning Programs. You will find out about the growth, future, nature, job scope, and a lot more and dive deeper into the Digital Marketing Career Scope in the future. But before we examine the need and scope of digital marketing, let’s know the importance of digital marketing and why do companies use it.

Digital Marketing is the marketing exercise of promoting goods and services using digital channels or platforms. And now, nearly everyone is online. With the path to cheap data and affordable smartphones, the number of people across the world, who have access to the internet, has grown exponentially.

So let’s, connect the points if the companies want to connect with their 

  • Potential customers on the world level
  • Customers engage with companies
  • Build brand awareness
  • Sell and promote products and services at affordable prices
  • Earn Maximum ROI 

Meanwhile, we think of the key signs of success in marketing, the initial thing we believe of is the number of people touched through marketing practices. With the help of the internet’s penetration, we can reach excellent numbers of customers. Viewing in India has the 2nd highest number of internet users in the world. MNCs are giving so much attention to digital marketing that some of the most important ones are restructuring their marketing budget to change their focus to digital. An important thing that we marked was that the major contributors to the growth of digital marketing in India were these metropolitan cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Noida, and Hyderabad & Chennai. Direct equivalent to the growth that they bring in is the number of digital marketing jobs that they provide each year.

Digital Marketing Career Scope for Students in Future

As I have discussed above, the growth of digital marketing has been extremely effective and the figures show that the growth is continuing to see an uptrend in the future. Frankly put, the future of digital marketing seems strong and intense. More numerous and more opportunities will keep coming in and thus, being productive, creative, innovative, and updated with the latest trends in the fundamental principle of all digital marketers. The extension that we have observed on the Internet over the years particularly since COVID-19, is here to stay. People are changing to the new normal and are now very happy with carrying out things online, be it for shopping for clothes, grocery, furniture, ordering food, medicines, or even carrying out banking transactions online!  

Therefore, to provide for these newly formed demands of the consumers, digital marketing is remarkably necessary. In enhancement to this, an essential aspect to study in the future generation will be a part of the new digital world and will be customary to everything being online. Then, to be able to pass to these future consumers, companies must make digital marketing efforts beginning today. A big takeaway from all this is that the future of careers in digital marketing is so encouraging and if you prefer digital marketing, now is the time to take this opportunity to your benefit. 

Now, let’s take a glimpse at the situation of digital marketing career scope.

Careers in Digital Marketing

Including the growing popularity of digital marketing, businesses are needing digital marketing professionals and specialists. Particularly recognizing the current coronavirus crisis, the job market will frequently focus on digital and technology skills as it will enable them to work remotely. Therefore, companies are looking for people who are experienced to manage digital marketing jobs. Hence, it is extremely suggested that you start studying digital marketing skills and cover a career in digital marketing. An added perk of entering this field is that if you’re an experienced and skilled digital marketer, you can anticipate bagging high-paying jobs at top companies. Several businesses are shifting their focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing. 

In phases of the job scope of digital marketing, the kind of jobs that are available in the digital marketing sector, one of the biggest jobs includes Social Media Marketing. Social Media specialists not only take care of digital ads which we see on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram but the organic posts on these social media sites as adequately. Study these advantages of social media marketing to know its value.

Inside Social Media Marketing, there is a larger range of jobs that cover Digital Ads Managers, Content Strategists, and Video Marketers. Simultaneously with Social Media Managers, SEO experts, and Google Ads experts are also in great need in the market. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is wherever certain links are generated to rank on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. According to the research, Google takes over 63,000 searches per second on any given day. Statistics show that a link that ranks higher on a Google Search page is likely to get more clicks. 

That performs SEO as an essential marketing strategy for companies. There are more jobs where people look after Google Ads for a company. Google accounts for over 79% of all global desktop search traffic and Google Ads convert 50% greater than organic search results. Businesses also select people for jobs like Email Marketers, Bloggers, and E-commerce Experts, Marketing Automation all of which fall under the umbrella of Digital Marketing.

Let’s have a look at the success of Digital Marketing in India

Let’s try to understand with the help of an example of Starbucks and how the coffee giant used social media campaigns and other channels to decrease the economic impact due to covid. Starbucks started its drive-thrus and home delivery services to engage with its consumers and try to connect to them in the severe pandemic times. 

Digital Marketing Career Scope for students

While surfing the internet, you come across many things like some cool and funny memes, sometimes useful, sometimes disturbing ads, some viral videos, some amazingly written blogs, mobile apps, etc. I know students wish to create any of these? I am supporting you then congrats you have made Digital Marketing Career options for yourself.

Let’s discuss some major Roles in Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director:

This is one Digital Marketing Career option students have. You can assume that this is one of the most powerful positions in the domain of Digital Marketing. To achieve this position one needs at least 5-7 years of expertise in Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketing Manager or Director looks behind the overall marketing development strategies that will make more extra traffic, engaging digital marketing campaigns, offering improvements in the website and renewing it periodically, etc.

  • Web Developer & Web Designer

Have a look over the second option; these are the people responsible for those wondrous websites that you come across on the internet. The words web developer and web designer are used reciprocally but the part of a web developer is a specific one whereas a web designer does a lot of things. As a web developer or designer, you will be liable for designing, coding, and modifying websites presenting them as appealing and user-friendly. You should have prior knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, and web programming is needed to get into this position.

  • Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager

Added career option for students, a job in social media is one of the greatest jobs but don’t confuse it for only Tweeting and Facebooking, there is more to it. Being a social media executive or manager you are expected to keep a check on the latest social media trends and plan strategies respectively, coordinate with the content team and client servicing team on a regular basis, build quality content or video, etc. Information regarding all the social media platforms and a lot of creativity are a must for this job position.

  • SEO Executive or Specialist

Have a look over the next career option, a well-designed website will be of no use if the company does not have people who can develop it, and thus the company needs SEO executives who make sure that the company’s website is all across the web. SEO executives are liable for getting traffic on the website and improving the Google rankings and they have to make sure that the content on the website is search should be user-friendly, conduct keyword research, mobile-friendly, research about SEO tools, build sitemaps and submit them, etc.

  • PPC or SEM Specialist

Another career option, the sometimes useful and sometimes disturbing ads that we discussed above are created by these people. They create a lot of leads for the company and since there is a great demand for PPC professionals. Being a PPC or SEM expert, you are assumed to handle PPC keywords, split ad groups, refine landing pages, generate reports, provide recommendations for ad copies and graphics, etc.

  • Content Specialist

Other career options, if you think that you can write more useful than what is previously there on the web then you are excellent for this position. The duties of a content marketer include building content that has all the features of going viral, making certain that the content is developed well through SEO, correlating with other teams and incorporating their information in content, following content trends, etc. To go into content marketing you will require excellent knowledge of the English language with a lot of creativity.

  • Other Roles

There are several other roles or designations in Digital Marketing for students that depend upon the company and their demands. Some of them are:

  • Analytics Manager
  • CRM Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Digital Agency Account Director

Where will you learn Online Digital Marketing?

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